Semenax – All natural premature ejaculation control pills.

Premature ejaculation is a condition that has brought out the worst in the marketing world. Everywhere you turn there are so-called “miracle products” that will supposedly help you cure the demon that is premature ejaculation and return you to the long lasting sexual lifestyle you’ve always wanted. The script for the ads of such products is usually about the same, with plenty of gorgeous women, loud, capital words, and screaming phrases telling the consumer that they can’t affor
d to wait another minute.semenax

Within this jungle of overexertion and deceit, one product has naturally risen to the top, even above the forestry of lies. This product is called Semenax, and one visit to their website will show why they stand out from the competition. Of course, ad copy and website structure does little to help you in the bedroom, so we decided to give Semenax a try. Test out their customer service, and test out their product. What we found was a supplement that does what so few others on the market can: exactly what it claims.

Fast Shipping
The first surprise came with the customer service. Ordering over the web was a breeze, and it took only three days for the bottle of Semenax to show up at our doorstep. Of particular note was the packaging. It came in a very discreet package which gave absolutely no hint of what was inside. This is especially important for those who may not want family members or even their neighborhood mailman knowing they are buying premature ejaculation supplementsbuy_semenax
through the mail. Semenax offers a similar level of discretion with their credit card billing. The company shows up as the nondescript “Health Solutions”, which should be a comfort for those who don’t need such a purchase showing up in their monthly transactions.

Exceeds Its Own Claims

We have to give it to Semenax. The website claims that taking the pills an hour or so before sexual intercourse will help you to have longer lasting sex. This is an understatement, at least in our case. We’re not going to get into all of the graphic details, of course, but suffice to say, this product works. But, perhaps even better than what it provided between the sheets was what Semenax continued to provide for the rest of the day. A general sense of well being and lessening of anxiety were among the very positive side effects. If we had known that Vitamin B and some seed extract could have provided this kind of mood alteration, we would have been taking it for years!

Gives More Freedom

Unlike messy creams and sprays, you don’t have to throw Semenax in your mouth moments before sexual intercourse is about to take place, turning the bedroom into a minor science experiment. You’re free to take the capsules an hour or two before intercourse, and the effects last even longer than that. This in and of itself gives it a strong edge over most of Semenax’s competitors.

The Bottom Line

Semenax is the only premature ejaculation product on the market worth paying for. If you have been suffering from this condition and aren’t sure what to do, you owe it to yourself and your partner to give Semenax a try.


Enlast Review

The feeling may be familiar to you. Perhaps you are on a date with a woman you have been seeing for a few weeks, and you have a sense that tonight may be the night it happens. The chemistry is through the roof, and so is your excitement level. Tonight, finally, you will get to share your feelings for this woman in the way you have wanted to express them. It is the most natural thing in the world, and your hope is that the result will be beautiful and memorable. Only one problem: you have a feeling that it won’t be.

The reason? You have a condition known as premature ejaculation, something that only gets worse the more you fret and fritter about it. You know that it will take a miracle to make things go longer than thirty seconds tonight, no matter how much you think about baseball during the act itself.

Enlast Topical Lubricant

If such a scenario is familiar to you, it would only be natural for you to seek a treatment or cure wherever you could find it. This search may very well lead you to Enlast, which purports to be an “incredible sexual aphrodisiac” that works for both the male and the female. Rather than market itself strictly as a lotion meant to deaden the feeling and prolong the sexual encounter, Enlast takes another tack. They claim they product increases sexual sensitivity for both partners, leading to more powerful orgasms and increased pleasure in the bedroom. This pleasure may not last any longer than it otherwise would, but it will be intense, right?

The Bedroom as a Science Lab

It has always bothered us to see sexual stimulation products that are intended only for use directly before intercourse. This doesn’t make for the most enticing situation in the bedroom. In fact, anecdotal evidence has shown that it can be a major turn off for many women, particularly if they know what the product is and why the man is using it (which, if it’s a lotion that will be in contact with their skin, they deserve to). Much preferred are capsules that can be taken earlier in the day that don’t have to interfere with the sexual build up and excitement.

What’s good About It?

Enlast is made from all natural ingredients, meaning you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your most sensitive of areas. This meant a lot to us, and makes the lotion preferable over such “caine” lotions that are full of chemicals and have even been proven to have deleterious effects on the skin with frequent use. The product itself is not bad, either. It isn’t as messy and. . .well, just downright gross. . .as many of its competitors. It works and feels much like any other sexual lubricant you might use, and this is undeniably a good thing. In addition to this, they offer a ninety day money back guarantee, so it really doesn’t hurt to try them out if none of the drawbacks bother you.

The Best Compromise

If you want to give Enlast a try, we recommend you do so in conjunction with a natural supplement called Semenax. Semenax has been proven to help men last longer in the bedroom through its proprietary blend of vitamins and herbs, which can be taken in capsule form. Semenax boosts serotonin levels in the blood, lessening the need to climax early and promoting an overall sense of well being and decreased anxiety. Used together with Enlast, it might be the road to great sex you’ve been looking for.