Premature Ejaculation Risk Factors

It was only a few years ago that most people–even those in the medical community–thought that premature ejaculation was a function and aberrance of the psychological existence. While there is some truth to that, even in our studies of today, the factors that bring about this condition are wide ranging and can be as much biological as physiological. In fact, it could be said that even experts in the field are still not in total harmony as it pertains to how to treat and diagnose the causes of this condition.

This lack of consensus has lead to many good treatments being dismissed, and many unfortunate methods of treatment being celebrated and used far too frequently. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that are agreed upon in the medical community.

The Mind Factor

There are many in the scientific community that believe the predominate reasons behind premature ejaculation (and even some forms of erectile dysfunction) are psychological in nature. While we have come to a consensus that biological factors can play a major role as well, the mental factors cannot be dismissed. It is often times a combination of the two. Some of these psychological conditions can be traced straight back to one’s childhood or early adulthood.

Situations could have arisen that played a major part in causing the premature ejaculation to start later in life. This can occur even without the patient knowing of the causes or remembering in any strict sense the incident that happened. This could include an episode or series of episodes when the patient attempted to rush orgasm in order to avoid being caught by their parents, and even latent guilt about the actions that cause climax that might create a sense of needing to speed through sexual encounters.

Secondary Factors

Not to be overlooked are secondary factors that can play a role in premature ejaculation. This could include side effects from other diseases or other conditions that can exacerbate, if not outright create the problems of premature ejaculation. Included among these conditions are erectile dysfunction. Sometimes the underlying erectile dysfunction can cause the patient to attempt to rush towards their climax so that they do not lose their erection during sex. There is also the factor of anxiety, which could be centered toward their sexual performance, or even about other, seemingly unrelated issues.

The Biology

When it comes to studying what biological factors might play a part in premature ejaculation, much of the interest has surrounded the presence of serotonin levels. With this discovery, many physicians have begun prescribing antidepressants for the treatment of the condition. This can be harmful, however, if one does not have any typical depression symptoms to go along with the condition. A much better choice would be an herbal remedy such as Semenax, which boosts serotonin levels without the dangerous side effects of prescription medication. Studies have proven the effectiveness of Semenax time and again, which uses a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to boost serotonin.