Premature Ejaculation: SSRI Antidepressants and the Harm They Do

Premature ejaculation is a condition that affects millions of American men each and every year. Doctors have long studied what causes this condition, and have come up with as many questions as they have answers. However, one consensus has been reached, and that is the correlation between serotonin and premature ejaculation.

Serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical in the blood that regulates how happy we are. Street drugs are often taken in the chase of higher artificial happiness, which then brings down the amount of natural serotonin we produce. This is why it often takes more and more of the recreational drug to produce the same effect, or even to get back to a state of general well being. Drugs such as Prozac and Zoloft belong to a family called SSRI inhibitors. They work to boost the body’s level of serotonin, thus treating patients who are depressed. However, they have also been widely prescribed as a cure for premature ejaculation. While these cures may work in the short term, they come with a variety of dangerous side effects that anyone thinking about using them should be aware of.

Suicidal Thoughts

One of the largest dangers of SSRI medications would seem to be their most unlikely: the increase in suicidal thoughts. Studies have not conclusively shown why this should be, but the evidence is out there that many patients experience an extreme form of their depression in the early weeks of taking these drugs. It is sometimes called the “storm before the calm”. While it is arguable whether this would be worth going through to cure extraordinary cases of depression, it should be obvious that it is not worth it to simply cure premature ejaculation, particularly when there are perfectly good natural substitutes on the market such as Semenax. Semenax works to boost serotonin levels in the blood also, but does so with only natural ingredients, thus eliminating the harmful side effects.

General Side Effects

In taking SSRIs, there is a bevy of side effects that can occur. These range from the serious to the annoying, with each individual responding differently in different cases. Some of these side effects include drowsiness (some have even referred to it as an ongoing mental fog), persistent nausea, headaches, and increased anxiety. Compare this to the natural effects of Semenax(more on official website), which produces none of these side effects and actually has been shown to decrease anxiety, through its proprietary blend of B vitamins.

Sexual Side Effects

Far from being the long sought cure to premature ejaculation, many studies have shown that these drugs can actually increase instances of sexual dysfunction. This can include both premature ejaculation and an inability to reach climax at all. It can also lead to erectile dysfunction disorders and a general decrease in one’s sexual appetite. None of these side effects are present when taking Semenax, which derives its serotonin boosting power from all natural plant extracts. If there is any choice at all to be made, it would seem that the path is clear.