What Are The Best Premature Ejaculation Treatments?

Modern medicine provides for many techniques and possibilities when it comes to treating premature ejaculation. As with every condition, disease, and mental aberrance in our society, we have made great strides in finding the causes of premature ejaculation and coming to some consensus about how it can best be treated.

Before getting into your options, one should note that any serious medical conditions should be treated and taken care of first and foremost. Sometimes these more serious conditions can lead to premature ejaculation as a side effect. For this article, we will talk about ways in which you can get treatment for your premature ejaculation, and we will do so with the assumption that there are no serious medical problems standing in the way of a full and successful recovery.

Medical Treatment


There are few proven medical treatments for premature ejaculation. As far as medical science has come in the treatment and cure for many of our common conditions and ailments, progress on this condition has been frustratingly slow. However, there are many techniques and methods widely recommended in order to get a patient where he needs to be in the treatment of premature ejaculation. The important aspect about many of these treatments is that the female partner be included every step of the way. This may seem embarrassing at first for the patient, but it is far better to have an inclusive therapy, which can at once relieve some of the tension and bring the couple closer as a result of the therapy. One of the biggest steps in the treatment of the condition is the removal of extra anxiety and pressure on the male, and keeping a secret regimen of therapy going would simply add a pile to the bundle.

Massage Therapy

Masters and Johnson, a team which studied to relieve the pressures of premature ejaculation, came up with a trick of massage therapy that could help to eliminate the problem. The massage therapy includes the female using slow stimulation to bring her partner to the brink of climax. At that time, the male should signal her to stop so he doesn’t actually reach orgasm. This therapy can be time consuming, as it will take practice for the male to be able to pinpoint the time just before the point of no return. At that point, the female can administer firm pressure to the penis at the base, holding back the climax. Alternatively, the male can do this himself if he feels more comfortable. This should be repeated over and over again until the male no longer feels the inevitable need to climax at the point of excitement. The massage therapy can then be gradually brought over to intercourse where the same basic technique will apply.


It may be helpful for the patient to see a sex therapist or psychiatrist who has experience dealing with the issues surrounding premature ejaculation. New research is being done each day about the condition, and the therapist may have access to the latest research and the techniques that have proven most helpful in his practice.